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Vettel must go down as one of the greats

Formula One racing has a distinct list of legends in the sport, with one German driver in the recent past a firm name on the list.

Despite Michael Schumacher’s achievements over a massively successful career, countryman Sebastian Vettel is pushing his case forward to be regarded in the same light as his predecessor. Vettel has defied the pre-season odds by completing a 100 per cent victory rate since the August summer break, with his final win in Brazil putting him into the history books.

The 26-year-old’s ninth consecutive victory saw him equal the great Alberto Ascari’s record from the 1950’s, while the Red Bull driver’s 13 wins from a single season equal that of his illustrious countryman Schumacher. Vettel’s successful championship in 2013 is the fourth in a row, making him the youngest ever driver to achieve such a feat, while he has broken his own record of most points gained throughout a campaign.

The inevitability of Vettel’s constant winning streak reminds racing fans of the likes of Schumacher, who were firm favourites before a race. The Red Bull man has certainly got that aura about him, but his achievements cannot be fully appreciated just yet.

With the driver having plenty more years of racing ahead of him, Vettel should not be likened to Schumacher and the other greats just yet, as he is nowhere near finished with winning and setting individual and team records.

The Heppenheim-born racer can still eclipse the records that other greats have set down, while for a number of those he has his own high standards and achievements to supersede. Despite his age, Vettel already must go down as one of the best drivers in recent memory. In two or three years, if he can continue his current winning run, the German could well be talked about as one of the best to ever compete in the sport.

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